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The EXPO is a pre-recorded online program, led by a panel of public health consultants and entrepreneurs.

 Presenters come together to demonstrate the creative ways that they are advancing public health through their businesses.

The program helps you understand how consulting and entrepreneurship can be applied to the field of public health.

The program has a well organized and secure layout, with a login and password you create to access the material.

Explore each presenter's journey into public health, their business structure and focus, as well as the products and services they offer.


February 16th


ONLINE, No Travel Needed!


  • The EXPO is ideal for anyone looking to explore the field public health for the first time .
  • ​The EXPO is ideal for prospective and current students, graduates .
  • ​The EXPO is ideal for professionals in academia, government, or research who might be interested in learning about the products and services each of the presenters offer in their businesses.
  • ​The EXPO is ideal for anyone in public health who might be interested in starting a business of their own .
  • ​Anyone interested in Public Health!

Here's Just Some Of

What You Will Learn & How You Will Benefit

In The EXPO...

  • What is public health consulting?
  • What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in public health?
  • Why should we support public health consultants and entrepreneurs?
  • ​How can we support public health consultants and entrepreneurs?
  • ​What tips do you have for someone who is just getting started?
  • ​What tips do you have for consultants on finding new clients?
  • ​11+ public health business examples from consultants & entrepreneurs
  • 11 public health entrepreneurs sharing how they got started, the products and services, and their passion for the communities they serve
  • Experience the supportive spirit of entrepreneurship among public health colleagues
  • Community that provides inspiration, ​encouragement, networking, engagement, collaboration

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should...

Enroll In The EXPO


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health has received a great deal of attention and people are curious to know more about the career field.


People who are familiar with public health, often times have a limited view of career options . The EXPO helps you explore ideas, and think outside of the box.


The EXPO could inspire you to take action on business ideas that you already have to serve the needs of the communities and causes you care most about.


Charlotte H. Huntley, PhD, MPH

Charlotte Hughes Huntley, PhD, MPH is a recognized leader in the public health industry. She has over 20 years of successful experience as an accomplished epidemiologist, microbiologist, consultant, and podcaster. She is the CEO of DrCHHuntley, LLC and the innovative organizer of the Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO.

DrCHHuntley, LLC
 offers creative problem solving consulting solutions to organizations looking to address public health challenges related to communication and epidemiology of disease. This is accomplished through podcasting (Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast & For My Health Today Podcast), as well as coaching services helping professionals transition into careers, start businesses, and grow existing businesses that target the populations and public health issues they care most about.

Tonya Nash, MPH

Tonya Nash, MPH, CHES® is a public health consultant in the Metro Atlanta area. She has over 15 years of public health experience in both public and private sectors. 

Spectrum Public Health Strategies, LLC is a public health consulting company that specializes in faith-based health promotion and social media strategy. Our work includes helping churches to assess, plan and implement activities that can improve the health of their congregation and local community. We also help businesses, large and small, to discover unique and innovative ways to stand out on social media platforms.

Paulina Sosa, MPH, PhD(c)

Paulina has worked for more than 15 years in public health, including advocacy, data analytics and communications. Her work has particularly revolved around infectious disease transmission and epidemic and pandemic preparedness, including influenza and COVID-19. Paulina is also the Founder and Directora of Latinx Voces.

Latinx Voces En Salud is a grassroots initiative aimed at uplifting Latinx stories, culture, and health. The organization serves Latinx communities, leaders, business owners, artists. The idea is to promote the amazing work being done in our community through the power of storytelling.  

Vanessa Chilombo Da Costa, MPH

Vanessa is a Data Analyst at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) by day, and a career consultant for her business by night.

Chilombo Global Career Services, LLC is a career development platform for all students and professionals. Chilombo Careers was founded in January 2019 by Vanessa Da Costa. Chilombo Careers is for all hoping to improve their competitiveness in the job market, but specifically specializes in public health, global health, and international development. Our mission is to help students and professionals worldwide achieve their professional career goals through 3 main avenues: quality services, free resources, and skill-based courses. To date, Chilombo Careers has assisted over 100 clients across 3 continents and 11 countries. 

Tamara Mason, MPH

Tamara Mason is a public health professional, consultant, and advocate who works to improve the health and well-being of marginalized communities. Tamara is also a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and certified labor doula.

Mason Consulting, Inc. LLC is a public health consulting firm focused on providing services and solutions that improve the health and well-being of marginalized communities. We do this by empowering our clients to make a greater community and population impact by speaking their truth to power around social justice and health equity issues.

Kristi McClamroch, PhD, MPH

Dr. Kristi McClamroch is an infectious disease epidemiologist who lives in the Bay Area. 

Public Health Connected
 is a new public health organization with a mission to engage vulnerable and inadequately served populations in dialogs about how they can thoughtfully and successfully manage their risks in the face of emerging health issues, starting with COVID-19. We are currently developing a free mobile app to help people protect themselves, their families, and their communities from COVID-19 in their daily lives. In addition, we are developing a training guide that will assist health departments, community-based organizations, and other direct service organizations in teaching community members how to use the free mobile app. Our vision is a world where everyone is able to make informed decisions about their health. 

Bernadette Paul, PhD, MPH

Dr. Bernadette Paul is a public health and nutrition consultant, health promotion and community specialist, a certified teacher with more than 30 years of experience in the classroom and in the community, and an avid health and wellness advocate.

Health Savvy Consulting LLC is a consulting business that focuses on nutrition and public health. We focus on sustainable strategies to promote and maintain health savvy lifestyles. We work with diverse communities using “baby steps” to eliminate food insecurity. Our services include nutrition education sessions, health promotion, culinary training, culinary demonstrations, menu planning, grant writing, community needs assessments, seminars and conferences, data analysis, and project planning, management and evaluation.

Zainab Shipchandler, MPH

Zainab Shipchandler is a public health promotion professional and entrepreneur.

ZRF Group Inc. partners with organizational clients to promote population health through research, strategic planning, and improved communication practices. Our projects have included developing evidence-based best practice guidelines for physicians and community organizations, training healthcare providers on health literacy, and analyzing qualitative data. We also work with public health professionals to discover and present their professional brands in written and verbal form. We offer services such as mock job interviews, and reviews of personal statements for graduate school applications. We are especially driven to help non-traditional applicants, women, and people of color to position themselves to reach their educational and career aspirations.

Asya Spears, MS

Asya Spears is the CEO of Rose Data Studio. Seven years in academic research was the perfect setting to hone her biostatistics expertise and discover her love of data visualization and teaching. Looking for experience with real-world data, she headed to a health plan and into the world of population health analytics. 

Rose Data Studio, LLC offers statistics tutoring, consulting, and career strategy for women of color seeking data-focused roles in healthcare. Virtual client sessions embrace creative problem-solving and enhance skills in R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, and Tableau. Rose Data Studio emphasizes data literacy, strengthening clients’ abilities to read, understand, create, and communicate with data, no matter the software they use or the data landscape they work in. This enables clients to pass Biostatistics courses, complete research projects, and gain skills to land the next role in their data journey.

April Moreno, PhD, MPA

April Moreno, PhD, MPA consults in public health strategy projects for organizations. Additionally, she hosts a podcast for autoimmune women, and runs a nonprofit organization dedicated to autoimmune health equity.

Dr. April Moreno Consulting 

Sisterhood of Limitless Living Podcast

Autoimmune Community Institute

Nicole Vick, MPH

Nicole D. Vick has spent the last fifteen years providing tools and strategies to stakeholders, community-based organizations, and residents to improve health and prevent disease in some of Los Angeles County’s most underserved communities. 

Nicole D. Vick has authored her first book “Pushing Through: Finding the Light in Every Lesson,” where she shares both the heartbreaking pain and the extraordinary triumphs that led her to advocacy and social justice work. Her story takes place against the background of the long neglected and overlooked community of South-Central Los Angeles, where she grapples with the grotesque imbalance of power and privilege as it unfolds in every aspect of her life and those around her.

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